Sunday, January 15, 2012


Lord, Thank you for your gifts today. 

Please curb the loneliness in my heart and fill all of the places that ache for no reason at all.

I pray that you bless my uncertainties and insecurities. See into all of the unknown in me and heal. Help me to be awake and alive to all the ways you touch my heart. To patches of light on the hardwood floor, and to the beauty of a spoken word, the ability to touch and comfort and light up a soul. Bring me back to a place of vivid truth. Help me to see You in the paths I take, and fill me with the fire of a mind enlightened and renewed by your love. I need your love to live. I need your love to be awake and alive.

From a darkened mind I have known death. I have been overshadowed by tired motions...Hope rubbed dry by clouded daytime. Until the gift of light returns and I see the shifting sun of day on the worn threads of an over-trodden area rug. Beautiful broken and useless house that is my heart. Someone whispers, "Come alive. Come alive."

Arms outstretched on either side, I brush a wooden fence with my fingertips, or part the mist that settles through the rushes on the lake, held still in the sudden burst of wind throughout the hills. Looking all around, I welcome the lonely sigh of these vacant woods and hope I never see another traveler until breathless, I turn and make my way down the trail. Goodbye wind. Goodbye silence and still waters. Goodbye rushes and mist and goodbye myself, I leave you here to breathe free and open. To be wild as the day you came.

For now, the wind picks up, and in the unexpected thrill of a thousand roaring leaves I lift my hands and know, there's been an invitation to dance.


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